A tastebud revolution is here.

A customized box of the freshest and unbelievably tasty cookie dough mixes right to your doorstep - every month.

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How It Works

When you sign up for your Dolish box, you'll receive the freshest, most amazing cookie dough right to your doorstep each month.  

With our one-of-a-kind, unforgettable tasting cookie dough mixes, you'll be able to choose from receiving our flavor of the month or our popular regulars - chocolate chip and sugar cookie. Don't worry, if you have a change of cravings, you can update your customized box anytime you'd like.

Customize your box to be sent.

Select your flavors to have delivered to you each month starting at $23/box.

Receive your box & get mixin'!

Grab your butter, break open your mix, blend & enjoy! Super fast and super fresh.

Grab your spoons and enjoy.

Ditch the oven and dig in! You'll be enjoying these bad boys in 90 seconds flat.

Let's dough this!

What's Inside?

A new flavor each month!

Every month, Dolish will offer a featured flavor. A sweet surprise to keep your tastebuds happy!